Town Crier

Town Crier

“Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!”

From Medieval times, the town crier has been a primary means of news communication with the townsfolk. Royal proclamations, local bylaws, market days, adverts and newsworthy events were all proclaimed by the town crier.

With the long past of tradition and heritage of the 17th Century style Uniforms & Town Crier Liveries, Michaels are pleased to have a team of experienced seamstresses and tailors to make a bespoke but traditional Town Crier Livery that’s tailored for the Town Crier.

Town Crier Liveries are worn for long periods of time and have to be comfortable in all weathers. Over the years, Michaels have worked closely with Town Criers from the UK and around the world and have a selection of fabrics and designs that are suitable for the Crier.

Keeping the traditional style, every Town Crier requires a different and bespoke livery to both reflect their own personal history and also the history of the area they are representing. Michaels design team will help you create a totally unique livery.

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Civic Robes

Michaels also manufacture the Bicorn & Tricorns Hats, Jabots and Laced Sleeves.

The Michaels Difference


Bespoke Manufacturing

Michaels Civic Robes are a bespoke manufacturer of Mayoral & Civic Robes, Headwear and Accessories.
As the leading manufacturer to local authorities, we understand customer requirements and have the capabilities to make robes for all wearers.


Specialist Cleaning

Sometimes a brand-new robe isn’t always feasible, Michaels specialist cleaning and repair process can increase the longevity of the robe and also make it more pleasant for the wearer to wear.

& Refurbishments

Alterations & Refurbishments

Every wearer of Civic Robes is different and have different heights, Michaels have the understanding and capabilities to alter and refurbish existing and new robes to make them suitable to for the elected wearer.


Free Inspection

A free inspection is greatly received by customers.
Customers will receive a detailed report explaining the condition of all Civic Wear and advising a cost-effective solution to increase the longevity of the Robe, Bicorn or Tricorn.

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